I go to local thrift stores (primarily non-profit) and usually bring home a large quantity of department store and designer clothing and shoes by spending only $30-$45 and a few hours looking for fashion items to be worn with my existing wardrobe.

The goal is to is to inform women of the fashion affordability of shopping at thrift stores, the benefit of donating, and how these organizations help disadvantaged, recovering and abused men, women and children.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Pleather" Binging and Groupons

Recently I discovered that I could wear dresses. I always thought that no dress could camouflage the more than ample parts of my body unless there was a sweater or jacket over it.

I'm at a stage of my life where I'm more comfortable with my body. There were certain pieces I've always wanted - such as a dress with leather in it. Although I can't afford genuine leather - I did find a great facsimile. So about a month ago, I coveted a "pleather" (or faux leather) and spandex dress in a mail-order catalog. I kept the book, and would look at it occasionally, saying that I will get the courage to purchase it. Every time I looked at the ear-marked page, I thought about ways I could make it work-wearable (which I did figure out with pieces I already owned). So last week, after reading the online reviews of the dress - I made the purchase. I will wait for the weather to get tights-wearing cooler for its work debut.

I wish I had her arms! 

I wish I could say that the dress was my only purchase last week, but nooooo...I was cruising the apparel section of Groupon, and I found three pieces for prices that I couldn't believe!

I found a YAL New York dress with faux leather accent in blue, and two ABS by Allen Schwartz coats. I've been searching for a car coat for some time, but I couldn't find one that called my name - nor was in my price range - until now...

She doesn't look too happy wearing this dress, but I will, because I paid $20.93. 

I absolutely love this faux leather and wool coat! It's retail priced at $238.00 and I paid $50.93.

I thought this coat was unique, so I bought it. It's retail priced at $158.00 and I paid $50.93 for this one too!

No more catalogs or Groupon apparel surfing until next year!

Outfit of the week 9.28.14

This week's outfit is thrift store, Walmart and Avon. The cow-print cloth purse, leopard top and boots are all thrift store finds. The taupe pants are from Walmart and the "pleather" and spandex moto jacket is from Avon.

This is a chic rocker look!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Outfit of the week

This week's outfit are all thrift store finds. The bronze metallic purse I found recently at Lovelady (new with the tag on), the Kathy Ireland sweater, Ann Taylor skirt and Nine West heels are from The Foundry.

Can't wait for the weather to cool so I can wear this. Another great fall (and spring) transition outfit.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Outfit of the week 9.14.14

This week's outfit is another part thrift store - part retail purchase. The t-shirt and sweater is from The Foundry, the shoes are from Target, and the skirt - Walmart.

This grey lace embellished, v-neck t-shirt is one of my favorite pieces. I love to take it up a notch with my denim-colored skirt, grey kitten-heels, cream chiffon-trimmed sweater, and a silver knotted necklace.

A great business casual outfit!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thrift store fashion find 9.6.14

Yesterday I showed a friend how I shop at thrift stores. Typically, I only go to one store - but my friend wanted to cover practically all the thrift stores in Birmingham so we went to five - plus an outlet mall. We started at 10 am at Lovelady, and luckily I had one $40 for $20 Groupon voucher - so that's where I bought the most items and only went over by $3.00 (even bought two jackets for my son). I managed to purchase one item from Mission Possible and Salvation Army, nothing from Goodwill, (had lunch) and made the last stop The Foundry where I bought three items. My friend only found a couple items at Lovelady and The Foundry - but I was very surprised of her stamina...I got home at 8 pm.

Here's my haul from the marathon thrift-shop-a-thon...

1 Fall Coat
1 Necklace
1 Pair Crop Pants
1 Top (sleeveless)
2 Purses
2 Jackets for my son (one leather)
5 Pairs of Shoes

Bought at Lovelady for my son. (L-R) Outeredge Black "Pleather" Jacket $7.98. Adidas Hooded Jacket $4.98

I needed a silver statement necklace, but I thought this lucite necklace from Mission Possible was $3.49 (discounted price). 

I was so glad to find this Avenue 5th car coat at Lovelady for $5.98. Style & Co. Silver Metallic Top $1.49 (discounted price). Lauren by Ralph Lauren Red Crop Pants $5.98 at Lovelady.

L-R: Emillie M. Black Tote $3.98 (Lovelady). Markon Maroon Loafer $3.99 (Salvation Army). Bueno Metallic "Circles" Purse $3.48 (Lovelady). Bottom L-R: Highlights Beige Fabric & Croco Pump $5.98 (Lovelady). Apostrophe Dark Green Patent Pump $1.49 (Discount Price/The Foundry). Nine West Taupe Square-toe/Heel $3.74 (Discount Price/The Foundry). Newport News Brown Suede Peep-toe Sandal $6.98 (Lovelady).

I will end this post by saying I did buy a couple $2.00 clearance items and a card of 6-pair earrings from the outlet mall.    

Outfit of the Week 9.7.14

I bought two of this week's pieces from the most unlikely place - Avon. I'm a former Avon representative and was my best customer (which is why I quit). The two-tone sweater and suede wedges are Avon products, the blue and white top and the knotted silver necklace are Liz Claiborne, and the pants (the only thrift store find in this outfit) is Lane Bryant.

Great fall transition outfit.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Thrift store fashion find 8.29.14

I went to the Foundry for some shopping therapy (thinking that I would only spend my usual $40), but fortunately for my closet/unfortunately for my wallet had a totally different experience than I did at Lovelady a couple weeks before (where I barely found $40 worth of merchandise).

I knew that I didn't want to buy any pants, skirts or shirts - but wanted Fall transition items such as shoes, belts, sweaters, jackets and hopefully a coat. I went to the shoe department and they had alot of shoes - so much so that there were two tables filled with boots. I wasn't interested in boots, but I instantly found four pairs of shoes.

As I walked around the store, it became hard for me to browse the racks and hold four pairs of shoes in my hands - so I did the unthinkable - I had to get a shopping cart! Baaaad idea...I did get the smallest cart I could find and the more I walked around (avoiding pants and shirts) - the more trouble I got into. Normally, I could filter out pieces that I liked but could live without or I wasn't too happy with the fit, or find a defect - but not this time. Unfortunately, 99% of my purchased items did not match the ticket color discounts of the day (Orange ticket-25%, Yellow ticket-50%, White ticket-80%), but when I was checking out, the manager was standing there and I mentioned that I blog about my Foundry purchase items. He was so impressed, that he gave me a 10% discount from my entire purchase, so let's say I was very happy walking out with 7 bags of clothing.

Here's what I bought for $71.46 (24 Items)

4 Pairs of Shoes
4 Crew-neck T-shirts (long-sleeved)
4 Dresses
3 Jackets
2 Tank Shirts
2 Cardigan
1 T-shirt
1 Turtle-neck Sweater (short-sleeve)
1 Stretch Belt
1 Purse
1 Clutch Wallet

Suzie in the City Mock-wrap Dress - $2.99.

(L-R) Style & Co - $4.99, Talbots - $4.99. 

(L-R) Dress Barn Sweater-knit Dress - $2.99, Kathy Ireland Wrap Dress - $3.74 (Orange Ticket Discount Price). 

(L-R) Emma James Sport Dress - $4.99, Coldwater Creek Cardigan - $6.99, (Bottom) Cyn Woman Cardigan - $1.99.

(L-R) Claudia Richard Leopard L/S Tee - $1.99, Kathy Ireland Sweater - $2.99, J.Jill L/S Tee - .99, (Bottom L-R) Merona L/S Tees: Black - $2.99, Brown - $1.99. 

Roca Wear Zip-front Jacket - $4.99, (Bottom L-R) Simply Vera by Vera Wang Tank - $2.99, Liz Claiborne New York T-shirt - .99, George Tank - .99.

Nine West Leopard Purse - $2.99, (L-R) Classique Red Quilted Loafers - $2.49 (Yellow Ticket Discount Price), What's What by Aerosole Suede Peep-toe - $4.99, Franco Sarto Off-white Mary Jane - $3.99, Sam & Libby Wine Heels - .60 (White Ticket Discount Price), Stretch Belt - .79, Clutch Wallet - .99.

Outfit of the Week 9.1.14

I bought this Suzie in the City dress from the Foundry on Friday for $2.99. Typically a dress like this is not my cup of tea (I instantly thought of the Pointer Sisters back in the '70s when they were wearing the retro 1940s look), but when I tried it on - it really looked nice. So I decided to mix retro with a little mod for a Fall transition look by pairing shooties (shoe + boot) and grey opaque tights.

Fall Transition: Purse - Stein Mart, Shootie - Payless, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings - Avon 
Still Warm Weather Look:  Different shoes without tights, but the same jewelry from the Fall Transition look. Shoes - Sam & Libby.