I go to local thrift stores (primarily non-profit) and usually bring home a large quantity of department store and designer clothing and shoes by spending only $30-$45 and a few hours looking for fashion items to be worn with my existing wardrobe.

The goal is to is to inform women of the fashion affordability of shopping at thrift stores, the benefit of donating, and how these organizations help disadvantaged, recovering and abused men, women and children.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Outfit of the week 11.30.14

This week's outfit is high-end, low-end, thrift store and a bit of illusion...

My taupe corduroy button-front dress is a 2013 thrift store find, and the "shootie" is from Payless Shoes.

The Dooney & Bourke purse is authentic - but I didn't buy it - I earned it! It was my award pick for 15 years of service at my place of employment (and that was three years ago).

The illusion part of this outfit is the turtle neck under the dress...it's actually a dickie (something you don't hear people wearing often). Wearing a dickie provides a layered look without the bulk. I own another one that resembles a white button-down shirt. It works well with V-neck sweaters (again without the bulk).

A turtle neck (real or fake) paired with the black tights under this dress is a chic fall look.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Fashion Show for the Ages

Yesterday I attended a fashion show that benefited the Fairfield Industrial High Alumni. The event was filled with mostly women of an advanced age as models and in the audience. Here's some pics...

This man brought the Rico Suave' to the show! 

He only made two appearances, but he was the real model of the show!

This was during the lingerie part of the show. They all wore furs over their lingerie.

I wonder if he's a real model? Or just fake it well...

She's a college educator who modeled at the request of a friend.

She's the widow of a former high school classmate.

She brought video vixen to the show!

I like this outfit! It's something I'd wear.

Outfit of the week 11.23.14

As promised in my last "Outfit of the week" post, this week's outfit has the second dress (of the two-fer) that I bought from QVC.

I created a Fall outfit by adding a black leather-ish moto vest (a Groupon find), shooties (Payless Shoes) and black tights (Walmart).

There's a leather belt in the picture, but that would be worn if I didn't wear the vest. This is my biker gone girly look!

Opaque tights of varied colors and patterns are a Fall and Winter style staple.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wowed by "The Wow Factor"

This weekend I went to the library and checked out a book by celebrity fashion stylist and QVC's Isaac Mizrahi Live! program fill-in Jacqui Stafford called The Wow Factor - Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget.

I loved reading this book! So much so, that it took me a 1/2 day to read the entire thing. It's not like it's a big book - it just held my interest, because it tells you how to look your best at any size, and achieve the look of a high-end shopper on a pauper's budget.

The Wow Factor talks about defining your body shape, the cut and fabric types of clothes that are flattering to that body shape, as well as insider secrets to what goes on behind the scenes of fashion and make-up photo shoots that we see in magazines. This book gives specifics about the best leg cut and shade of jeans, swim suits, and floral prints for your shape, as well a guide to key classic pieces every woman should have in their closet per age group (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s+).  It even gives hair, make-up and skin tips for those who want a natural, effortless look like your favorite celebrity fashionistas (without giving names - just how it's accomplished).

I also advise to check out her website jacquistafford.com and catch her on the Today Show and on QVC selling the Isaac Mizrahi clothing line.

A fashionista's must-read!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Outfit of the week 11.9.14

This week's outfit is my version of a picture I found in the September 2014 edition of Essence magazine.

It was this picture that started my search for a red and black coat.

None of the pieces are thrift store finds - but nevertheless a reasonably priced ensemble.

ABS Coat (Groupon), Black A-line Dress (QVC), Christian Siriano Boots (Payless Shoes), & Black Tights (Walmart)

The A-line dress was a great QVC purchase - it was a two-fer on clearance. I bought them back in the Spring while in desperate need of a LBD (Little black Dress). To get two dresses for the price normally paid for one was incredible!

For $29.96 I got both EffortlessStyle by Citiknits dresses from QVC. Next week's outfit will feature the print dress.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Outfit of the week 11.2.14

The black tee and red skirt are thrift store finds. The boots and burn-out tights are from Payless Shoes. I will wear my black leather blazer with it for a funky business look.

I love those boots!