I go to local thrift stores (primarily non-profit) and usually bring home a large quantity of department store and designer clothing and shoes by spending only $30-$45 and a few hours looking for fashion items to be worn with my existing wardrobe.

The goal is to is to inform women of the fashion affordability of shopping at thrift stores, the benefit of donating, and how these organizations help disadvantaged, recovering and abused men, women and children.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fashion Mantra #6

Stay "In-the-know" but don't follow trends like a slave.

Show the world that you're hip to what's hot in fashion, but you've adapted the trends to suit your body, age, and lifestyle. (Everyone will think you know something they don't).

The Greatest T-Shirt Ever!

Recently, I went to a natural hair show and found this t-shirt. It represents my inner Donna Summer (I Feel Love).

I never thought I would pay $25 for a t-shirt...never say never!

My Awesome Texas Find

I took a trip to Houston a couple weeks ago to celebrate my birthday and the day of my departure, I stumbled upon this conversation piece in the hotel gift shop.

It's mock magazine covers of Beyonce', Rita Ora, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Michelle Obama

You can only wear one solid color with this purse. It's a statement of it's own - no need for embellishment.

Also, while I was there, I managed to have a Texas style moment when I attended a western-themed booze cruise.

Ready to ride 'em!

Lots of line dancing

And then there was the next night...

The picture didn't do justice for the outfit...I was on Fleek!