I go to local thrift stores (primarily non-profit) and usually bring home a large quantity of department store and designer clothing and shoes by spending only $30-$45 and a few hours looking for fashion items to be worn with my existing wardrobe.

The goal is to is to inform women of the fashion affordability of shopping at thrift stores, the benefit of donating, and how these organizations help disadvantaged, recovering and abused men, women and children.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

AVON.com - Another Favorite Online Fashion Outlet

Clearance priced at $14.99. It's a real sweatshirt and a modified crop.

Clearance priced $14.99. This picture doesn't do this skirt justice, but I can see myself wearing this with the above sweatshirt and black tights. 

I've been waiting for this dress to become clearance priced - and it did for $16.99.

Fashion Mantra #15

There Is No Such Thing  As "Too Old For Style".

My Favorite Fall Accessory – Getting a leg up

Image result for legs in tights
Its late November and finally the fall chill has arrived. Coats, scarves, hats, gloves and boots are major clothing staples during the cold months. I’m a huge fan of all of those I’ve just mentioned (especially scarves), but my favorite fall accessory or all time are opaque tights. I buy a couple pairs every fall season.

The benefits of wearing tights – you ask??? 

  • You can wear them with heels, flats and boots.
  • They hide un-shaved and other leg imperfections (bruises, scars) that sheer hosiery do not.
  • You don’t have to worry about having runs in tights like you do with sheer hosiery.
  • They keep your legs warm. You can now buy fleece-lined tights!
  • You can turn a dress or skirt that’s typically more “dressy” into a contemporary, work-appropriate outfit with the addition of tights and a nice bootie (I’m referring to the shoe boot).
  • Finally, tights make your legs look long – especially if you have a matching or coordinating shoe.

I stick to the basic colors - black, navy, brown and gray, but black is my favorite.  I have a multitude of black tights with various intricate details and opacity, along with one or two pairs of the other colors. I would love to wear hot pink, red plaid, or lime green tights – but really - I’m over 45 years-old!!!

So get a fashion leg-up and wear some opaque tights.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fashion Mantra #14

The First Rule To Looking Wealthy....

Image result for picture of woman with sleek hair and clear skin

is sleek, shiny hair and a clear complexion.

It doesn't take expensive products, but the basics are to drink plenty of water and never go to bed wearing make-up. A weekly face mask and monthly hair mask is not a bad move either.

Where have I been????

It's been a while since I made a post and it wasn't because of lack of trying. It actually was because I done the following since my last post...went to Las Vegas, Houston TX, Destin FL, and Gulf Shores - and in the middle of all that travelling I moved into a new residence. Now I'm through travelling for a moment and all settled into my new home.

My time away from blogging was good and bad. Good because it gave me a new perspective on how I want this site to evolve, and bad because I missed posting some great fashion opportunities.

Now I'm back!

So stay tuned for new fashion ideas, trend updates and of - course opinions.