I go to local thrift stores (primarily non-profit) and usually bring home a large quantity of department store and designer clothing and shoes by spending only $30-$45 and a few hours looking for fashion items to be worn with my existing wardrobe.

The goal is to is to inform women of the fashion affordability of shopping at thrift stores, the benefit of donating, and how these organizations help disadvantaged, recovering and abused men, women and children.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gotta Love Camo! (The other neutral)

Let's face it, I have a fascination with several fashion styles and accessories (although a friend or two may say obsession). But the one fascination that very few of my friends know about is my love of camouflage.

When I go thrift shopping I love to look for camo. Right now I'm looking to stumble upon a camo eternity scarf, trouser socks, and a blazer (or jacket that I can wear like a blazer) for the right price.

Why do I like camo you might ask? Because in my opinion camouflage is a neutral color. I can wear it with black, deep yellow, navy, red, brown, etc. Also if our military can wear it with pride - so can I (as a proud American)! I don't have a large selection of camo pieces, but I have a great start - so my hunt for more continues...

I wear the tops to work from time-to-time, but now that we can wear jeans to work on Friday - the pants with a denim jacket or cardigan with a cute 2 1/2 - 3 inch heel will be among my work wear staples.

I haven't worn this outfit yet, but waiting for the perfect opportunity. I bought this dress online for $2.99 clearance. Can't wear this dress without my black tights :-)

Fashion Mantra #17

There Are Limitless Style Possibilities In Your Closet.

Don't restrict your options: A dull pair of "work pants" can be worn at night with a silky cami under a blazer.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fashion Mantra #16

Knowing What To Wear Under Your Clothes

Image result for woman in undergarments

is just as important as what you wear on top.

It Was a Great Mission-Possible Shopping Trip

A couple of weeks ago I went to Mission Possible just because it was a beautiful Saturday to get out of the house, and boy did I find some great pieces for $76.00 (would have been cheaper if I had brought my MP coupon from the phone book)...

Always wanted a red denim skirt.

This is a rockin' tee!

Great tops to wear with dark jeans

Isn't this a great outfit with that tee!
I'm in love with that floral dress and the shoes look like new.

I think I started a(nother) trend???

I’m always trying to work some sort of physical activity into my work day such as taking the stairs in the parking deck and inside the building, taking a brisk walk at lunch – or just taking an (non-smoking) smoke break to get some fresh air. But now I see many ladies at my job doing the following – changing from their driving shoes to their work heels.

Image result for business woman in sneakersNow by no means did I discover this technique, but many have seen me outside my car, or at my desk changing to and from a heel to an old pair of black ballerina flats from Walmart. I call it my “Mr. Rogers” moment (“won’t you be my neighbor”).

When someone says that they notice me doing that – I always respond that I do this to save the heel of my right shoe from being scuffed when I drive (so the back of the right shoe looks like the left one).  If you look at the heels a pair of shoes that you normally wear while driving. You will notice that back the right shoe is scuffed and usually the heel is worn out from digging the heel into the floor while accelerating - while the left one looks fairly new (it’s as if someone had switched one shoe).
Now I spot women I work with leaning on their cars changing shoes in the parking deck before walking in the workplace. I just smile and assume that I was the change-agent for yet another workplace trend.

Oh yeah, the other work trend I think I started – I stand when I eat my lunch. Perhaps I’ll explain that one later.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

AVON.com - Another Favorite Online Fashion Outlet

Clearance priced at $14.99. It's a real sweatshirt and a modified crop.

Clearance priced $14.99. This picture doesn't do this skirt justice, but I can see myself wearing this with the above sweatshirt and black tights. 

I've been waiting for this dress to become clearance priced - and it did for $16.99.

Fashion Mantra #15

There Is No Such Thing  As "Too Old For Style".

My Favorite Fall Accessory – Getting a leg up

Image result for legs in tights
Its late November and finally the fall chill has arrived. Coats, scarves, hats, gloves and boots are major clothing staples during the cold months. I’m a huge fan of all of those I’ve just mentioned (especially scarves), but my favorite fall accessory or all time are opaque tights. I buy a couple pairs every fall season.

The benefits of wearing tights – you ask??? 

  • You can wear them with heels, flats and boots.
  • They hide un-shaved and other leg imperfections (bruises, scars) that sheer hosiery do not.
  • You don’t have to worry about having runs in tights like you do with sheer hosiery.
  • They keep your legs warm. You can now buy fleece-lined tights!
  • You can turn a dress or skirt that’s typically more “dressy” into a contemporary, work-appropriate outfit with the addition of tights and a nice bootie (I’m referring to the shoe boot).
  • Finally, tights make your legs look long – especially if you have a matching or coordinating shoe.

I stick to the basic colors - black, navy, brown and gray, but black is my favorite.  I have a multitude of black tights with various intricate details and opacity, along with one or two pairs of the other colors. I would love to wear hot pink, red plaid, or lime green tights – but really - I’m over 45 years-old!!!

So get a fashion leg-up and wear some opaque tights.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fashion Mantra #14

The First Rule To Looking Wealthy....

Image result for picture of woman with sleek hair and clear skin

is sleek, shiny hair and a clear complexion.

It doesn't take expensive products, but the basics are to drink plenty of water and never go to bed wearing make-up. A weekly face mask and monthly hair mask is not a bad move either.

Where have I been????

It's been a while since I made a post and it wasn't because of lack of trying. It actually was because I done the following since my last post...went to Las Vegas, Houston TX, Destin FL, and Gulf Shores - and in the middle of all that travelling I moved into a new residence. Now I'm through travelling for a moment and all settled into my new home.

My time away from blogging was good and bad. Good because it gave me a new perspective on how I want this site to evolve, and bad because I missed posting some great fashion opportunities.

Now I'm back!

So stay tuned for new fashion ideas, trend updates and of - course opinions.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A back-to-school half-price sale at Lovelady!

Outfit of the Week 7.26.15

This week's outfit is a combo of retail and thrift store purchases.

The sweater, shoes and necklace are thrift store finds. The black and cream tank top is a Target clearance find. The tan skirt is a Walmart find, and the purse was a hotel gift-shop find when I was in Houston Texas.

Many liked my outfit when I wore it to work. Most of the comments were about my Kenneth Cole shoes.

It's that time...

To look deep into my closet and toss all that's outdated or don't fit.

I've been pretty good at releasing items as I bring stuff in - but it's time to re-assess some fashion pieces in my closet. I call it the big purge.

Image result for closet clean out

Here's what I need to do...

1. Empty the closet
2. Create three piles: Keep, Give away or Consign, Alter


Image result for closet cleaning

Here's what style tips to remember...

1. If clothes are too small or too large - let them go immediately.

2. Don't save clothes for in case you lose weight. If you do lose weight, you'll want to buy new things.

3. If you have clothes that you really love, but don't fit properly, try to get them altered. If you don't plan to have it altered - then let it go.

4. Buy what fits.

5. Follow the latest trends with trendy jewelry, scarves and shoes rather than clothing. They are less expensive than clothing, and once the trend fades - the accessories should be easier to part with.

6. Keep my dark denim shirts and jackets (that fit). They can be paired with dressier pieces to change the vibe.

7. If  buying expensive pieces, stick with classic clothing that's wearable with any style trend such as straight skirts and pants.

8. Know your body type, accentuate the positive and try to downplay the negative when buying clothes.

Home Shopping does it to me again!

Watching QVC as a styling muse and Denim and Co. had a clearance price on pull-on jeans for $26.24 with $3.00 shipping and handling. Since it appears that my waist and abdominal area are not shaping up with the rest of my body - I have to make accommodations. So I thought - I'll try them.

These jeans are called "How Smooth" Straight Leg Jeans. Perfect to wear with a form fitting tunic.

And while I was on QVC.com I remembered that I need a dress for a conference banquet and found this Clinton Kelly dress on clearance for $34.92. The gathered waist and pockets actually hide my abdominal issues.

It has a gathered waist, side pockets and an exposed zipper in the back. I already know how to dress-it-up and dress-it-down.   
I think this completes my travel wardrobe for the season - hopefully (;-)

Thrift Store finds 7.25.15

Yesterday  I decided to take some me time and enjoy the summer sun. So how do I enjoy myself? I go to my favorite Asian restaurant and get some thrift store therapy.

So with Mission Possible coupons and the hope of finding some casual pants. Unfortunately, my body is going through a metamorphosis and I need to accommodate my ample abdominal area. (ugh!) Also, I'm taking two out-of-state trips soon and wanted to have some non-work casual options.

I went to two Mission Possible locations, Lovelady and the Foundry on the hunt for those bottoms that fit and I feel confident in wearing.

My entire shopping spree was $46.77 and it was a name-brand bonanza...I bought the following:

1 Gap Button-down Shirt
1 Coldwater Creek Crochet Sweater
1 White Stag T-shirt
1 Merona Denim-colored Cargo Short
1 Pair of Bandolini Blu Jeans
1 Pair of Gold Earrings
2 Pair of Shoes (Apostrophe booties and Groove flats)
4 Pair of Pants (LEI, Gap, Sonoma, Axcess by Liz Claiborne)

I have too many fashion obsessions (argyle sweaters, Liz Claiborne, camouflage, and booties). I couldn't resist those booties - the heel profile is so cute! 

I love that crochet red sweater and the shoes are adorable! And with camouflage all the rage - I'll keep an eye out for a reasonably priced blazer. 

I managed to make outfits with just the pieces I bought. I didn't know I was doing that at the time - but hoo-ray for me!

Fashion Mantra #13

Never Leave Home Without Lip Gloss.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fashion Mantra #12

Don't Waste Time Waiting To Achieve The Perfect Body.

Image result for women body image issues

Make the one you have now look amazing.

Outfit of the week 7.12.15

This week's outfit is almost all retail - except the bag and shoes. The jacket and crop pants are part of a five-piece interchangeable set (two jackets, two skirts and crop pant) that I bought from Sears several years ago. It's my best retail purchase ever! The camouflage tank was from Walmart. The bag was bought last year from Lovelady and the shoes were a recent purchase from Mission Possible.

I'm obsessed with camouflage!

Thrift Store Fashion Find 7.3.15

Lovelady thrift store had a re-opening sale. Actually, they never closed, but did some redecorating and had a three day sale that began Thursday, July 2nd through July 4th.  Thursday and Friday's sale was 30% off everything in the store and Saturday was 50% off. Me and the girls met for lunch on Friday and began shopping. Since I was low on cash and was only searching for one particular item (a navy blue dress), I stated that we only go to Mission Possible which shared the same parking lot as the restaurant and Lovelady.

I walked in Mission Possible and I found the blue dress. It was Old Navy and was for $6.99. I also found a Cato "flip-flop" dress (I took the term from the EVINE home-shopping network) for $6.99 too. So with my 20% off purchase coupon my total was $11.18.

This was the perfect navy dress! The "flip-flop" dress is typically not my style, but I really like it and willing to step out the box.

When we got to Lovelady, I saw several pieces that I liked (including a computer mouse new in the box for $3.49), but knew that I could only spend so much. After spending four hours there - I emerged only spending $17.72 (including the mouse)...

The picture doesn't justify this green boucle' skirt. It had gold thread in it.

The two tanks will come in handy this season. The grey and black plaid jacket is Cato. I bought the pink linen pants to go with the the jacket.
While waiting for my friends as they checked-out, I found a 15-pack of blank CDs and paid an additional $2.21. So in total I spent $31.11 - that's great shopping!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Don't we all have one???

Skulls! I love skulls! I own an eternity scarf with skulls, a skull clutch purse, and as of today two pairs of skull earrings...and finally - I was born with one.

Many have and would assume that a person wearing skull accessories or a tattoo is someone evil or who has satanic beliefs - but that's not always true. There may be those who possess such a belief and use the skull as a symbol of that type of worship. Then there's people who don't see that way at all - but as a symbol of life or like me - simply see it as a cool fashion accessory (fashion designers Alexander McQueen and Betsy Johnson have set a trend with skulls in their fashion and jewelry designs).

During Celtic times the skull represented time, power, divinity, gateway, initiation and creation and often represents the House of the Soul.

For many Christians (like me), it means life and to "seize the moment" and live life merry for tomorrow is not promised.

I'm considering a skull tattoo for my next birthday. Although it will be located that can only be seen if I'm in a swimsuit or my underwear - but it will stand as a symbol of mortality and treat the day as if it was my last (with love and mercy).

Bought this pair today.

Love this purse. Don't have to wear a ring on one hand!

Next purchase - a skull necklace!

HSN.com Fashion Therapy 6.27.15

I'm not sure if I was feeling something emotional or what - but I had the urge to look on HSN.com today. All day Thursday they had a Buy Bye Bye sale with lots of clothing, accessories and designer shoes at ridiculous prices and shipping and handling charges. I was tempted on a pair of Iman skinny jeans for $14.95 with $1.99 S/H - but didn't do it. Unfortunately, I fell into temptation today, but I didn't do too bad. I hope everything fits when they arrive next week.

 DG2 by Diane Gilman Brushed Stretch Twill Skinny Jean
DG2 by Diane Gilman Twill Stretch Skinny Jean
(Coral) $9.95 + $1.99 S/H

This Lyric Culture "Jumpin' Jack Flash" bootie was something I've been coveting for the last few months. They actually were priced $10.00 higher the last time I was on HSN.com, so I acted fast to buy them when I noticed the reduced price.

Lyric Culture "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Pull On Ankle Bootie
This bootie was originally priced $149.90, but I got it for $34.95 + $6.21 S/H

Lyrics from the Rolling Stones song "Jumpin' Jack Flash" are printed on the heel plate.

Lyric Culture "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Pull On Ankle Bootie
This is such a cool boot...Can't wait to wear them in the fall!

Payless Shoes BOGO - I have no control

Earlier this week, I received some unexpected money (a whole $86.00) and decided to give a small portion to charity, and look for the strappy black sandal that I've been looking for since May.

Since my favorite shoe store Payless was wrapping up it's Buy One Get One 50% off this weekend, I decided to look at their website first to see if there were anything that I liked - and I did. I found the black version of a sandal I bought a couple months ago and it was on clearance for $15. Also, I saw this retro Chuck Taylor looking sneaker that were had a hot pink lace overlay for $10.00 (I really didn't need the sneakers - but they were so cute!). With the BOGO, the sneaker would be $5.00. Once I located both shoes in my size at the same location I jumped in the car and to Payless I went!

I walked in the store and noticed alot of clearance and sale-priced shoes from $10.00 up. And out of pure curiosity I tried on this black wedge sandal that reminded me of my tan wedge that I had to throw away recently. Hoping that it would look bad on me...it didn't and it was sale...and BOGO...what was I to do but say to myself that it was better to have two pairs of black sandals. So what would be my BOGO with this pair? I searched for something priced $10.00 so I could pay $5.00 and feel good - but I didn't. Instead I saw this cute pair of stretch ballerinas that had a navy blue toe and trim and I was instantly sold. I don't own any shoes with blue in them and I already pictured me wearing them with my denim-colored slim skirt and my kelly green skirt. As much as I needed to return them back on the shelf - I didn't.

But I now have no regrets since I've created a couple outfits to go with each pair of shoes. And with my 10% AAA discount I only paid $49.48 for four pair of shoes (and saved $50.00).

Women's Pina High-Wedge Sling, Tumbled Black, hi-res
BOGO $9.99 (Clearance priced $20.00, Original Price $39.99)

Women's Claire Scrunch Flat, Navy/Orange Floral, hi-res
Sale Price $19.99 (Original Price $29.99)

Women's Perla Heel, Black, hi-res
Clearance Price $15.00. I bought the nude version of this shoe a couple months ago.

Women's Retro Oxford, Pink Crochet, hi-res
BOGO $5.00 (Original Price $10.00)

Outfit of the week 6.28.15

This outfit have a retro 1970s feel of which I'm a big fan. The only thrift store find is the red ponte pull-on pant, the rest of this outfit were retail purchases from years ago.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the shoes. I broke one and decided not to take them the the Shoe Doctor to have it repaired. I've had those shoes for almost a decade and it was time to say goodbye.

The angle of the stripe on this top gives me an hour-glass shape. 

Fashion Mantra #11

Have Must-Have Pieces For Your Body Shape

Image result for body shape clothing styles

Where looking in your closet means never to say "I have nothing to wear" again.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Outfit of the week 6.21.15

This entire outfit is are retail purchases. The jacket is from the Gap, skirt Lane Bryant, top Avon, kitten heels Chinese Laundry and the purse was a free gift with perfume purchase - but was a perfect match with the shoes. The necklace is from my mom's 1970s jewelry collection. Actually, I have several pieces of her "hippie" jewelry.

The pop of color with the shoes and bag gives this outfit a spring look.

Fashion Mantra #10

Embrace a Sense of Humor.

Have a laugh at your old pictures and notice how your hair, fashion choices, and perhaps your body have changed. Since we are flawed humans, there's no such thing as perfect. We can't change the past, so find the humor and the lesson.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thrift Store Finds and New Friends (Oh My!)

Saturday (6.6.15) was another 50% off sale at Lovelady. As usual, my friend Mia and I planned to make it a day of thrift store shopping. While at Lovelady, we met two ladies who made an hour drive to Birmingham for the sale - and instantly, we hit it off! We ate lunch and traveled to several local thrift stores. It turned out that we had many things in common, and now we have great new friends and thrift shopping buddies.

Since we went to several stores, of course, I made numerous purchases. Fortunately for me, I only spent $44.97 in total! Also, it didn't hurt that I had (and shared) coupons for Mission Possible stores and it seemed as if all the thrift stores had a sale. I purposely refrained from going to The Foundry because I didn't want to bust my $50 shopping budget.

So for $44.97, I bought the following...

1 Pair of PJs (forgot to take a picture - but white flannel with blue floral, and like new)
1 Wrap Dress
2 Pairs of Shoes
2 Tops
2 Skirts
2 Pairs of Pants (forgot to take a picture of the Alfani navy pant)
3 Sweaters
3 Jackets

The belt and the sleeves made this boyfriend sweater unique.

The striped shirt is NY and Co., and the grey knit shirt is Ann Taylor Loft.

Adore this striped jacket! The Chico's brand crop pant still had the tags on. This Sarah Spenser cascading two-tone sweater will be a great staple piece. 

This picture doesn't do either of these skirts justice. The skirt to the left is Cato, and on the right is another Ann Taylor Loft piece. The red shoe to the left is Liz Claiborne and the brown suede pump is Aerosoles.

The shrug is Liz Claiborne and the wrap dress is vintage - so here I go channeling Ms. (Diana) Ross again!

The white jacket is (faux) leather,  Mossimo  and machine washable. The jacket on the right is Liz Claiborne again. I think I have Liz Claiborne and Ann Taylor radar when I shop at the thrift stores (and Mia noticed that too along with my argyle sweater obsession).

Outfit of the Week 6.9.15

This week's outfit is a mix of thrift store and retail purchases.

The George blue knit blazer is a Walmart clearance item. The sandals I recently purchased from Payless Shoes, the green skirt and Vera Wang print tank are thrift store purchases and the green purse was from a garage sale several years ago.

Every time I wear this skirt and/or the purse, I receive compliments.  Nice and "Springy"!