I go to local thrift stores (primarily non-profit) and usually bring home a large quantity of department store and designer clothing and shoes by spending only $30-$45 and a few hours looking for fashion items to be worn with my existing wardrobe.

The goal is to is to inform women of the fashion affordability of shopping at thrift stores, the benefit of donating, and how these organizations help disadvantaged, recovering and abused men, women and children.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A back-to-school half-price sale at Lovelady!

Outfit of the Week 7.26.15

This week's outfit is a combo of retail and thrift store purchases.

The sweater, shoes and necklace are thrift store finds. The black and cream tank top is a Target clearance find. The tan skirt is a Walmart find, and the purse was a hotel gift-shop find when I was in Houston Texas.

Many liked my outfit when I wore it to work. Most of the comments were about my Kenneth Cole shoes.

It's that time...

To look deep into my closet and toss all that's outdated or don't fit.

I've been pretty good at releasing items as I bring stuff in - but it's time to re-assess some fashion pieces in my closet. I call it the big purge.

Image result for closet clean out

Here's what I need to do...

1. Empty the closet
2. Create three piles: Keep, Give away or Consign, Alter


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Here's what style tips to remember...

1. If clothes are too small or too large - let them go immediately.

2. Don't save clothes for in case you lose weight. If you do lose weight, you'll want to buy new things.

3. If you have clothes that you really love, but don't fit properly, try to get them altered. If you don't plan to have it altered - then let it go.

4. Buy what fits.

5. Follow the latest trends with trendy jewelry, scarves and shoes rather than clothing. They are less expensive than clothing, and once the trend fades - the accessories should be easier to part with.

6. Keep my dark denim shirts and jackets (that fit). They can be paired with dressier pieces to change the vibe.

7. If  buying expensive pieces, stick with classic clothing that's wearable with any style trend such as straight skirts and pants.

8. Know your body type, accentuate the positive and try to downplay the negative when buying clothes.

Home Shopping does it to me again!

Watching QVC as a styling muse and Denim and Co. had a clearance price on pull-on jeans for $26.24 with $3.00 shipping and handling. Since it appears that my waist and abdominal area are not shaping up with the rest of my body - I have to make accommodations. So I thought - I'll try them.

These jeans are called "How Smooth" Straight Leg Jeans. Perfect to wear with a form fitting tunic.

And while I was on QVC.com I remembered that I need a dress for a conference banquet and found this Clinton Kelly dress on clearance for $34.92. The gathered waist and pockets actually hide my abdominal issues.

It has a gathered waist, side pockets and an exposed zipper in the back. I already know how to dress-it-up and dress-it-down.   
I think this completes my travel wardrobe for the season - hopefully (;-)

Thrift Store finds 7.25.15

Yesterday  I decided to take some me time and enjoy the summer sun. So how do I enjoy myself? I go to my favorite Asian restaurant and get some thrift store therapy.

So with Mission Possible coupons and the hope of finding some casual pants. Unfortunately, my body is going through a metamorphosis and I need to accommodate my ample abdominal area. (ugh!) Also, I'm taking two out-of-state trips soon and wanted to have some non-work casual options.

I went to two Mission Possible locations, Lovelady and the Foundry on the hunt for those bottoms that fit and I feel confident in wearing.

My entire shopping spree was $46.77 and it was a name-brand bonanza...I bought the following:

1 Gap Button-down Shirt
1 Coldwater Creek Crochet Sweater
1 White Stag T-shirt
1 Merona Denim-colored Cargo Short
1 Pair of Bandolini Blu Jeans
1 Pair of Gold Earrings
2 Pair of Shoes (Apostrophe booties and Groove flats)
4 Pair of Pants (LEI, Gap, Sonoma, Axcess by Liz Claiborne)

I have too many fashion obsessions (argyle sweaters, Liz Claiborne, camouflage, and booties). I couldn't resist those booties - the heel profile is so cute! 

I love that crochet red sweater and the shoes are adorable! And with camouflage all the rage - I'll keep an eye out for a reasonably priced blazer. 

I managed to make outfits with just the pieces I bought. I didn't know I was doing that at the time - but hoo-ray for me!

Fashion Mantra #13

Never Leave Home Without Lip Gloss.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fashion Mantra #12

Don't Waste Time Waiting To Achieve The Perfect Body.

Image result for women body image issues

Make the one you have now look amazing.

Outfit of the week 7.12.15

This week's outfit is almost all retail - except the bag and shoes. The jacket and crop pants are part of a five-piece interchangeable set (two jackets, two skirts and crop pant) that I bought from Sears several years ago. It's my best retail purchase ever! The camouflage tank was from Walmart. The bag was bought last year from Lovelady and the shoes were a recent purchase from Mission Possible.

I'm obsessed with camouflage!

Thrift Store Fashion Find 7.3.15

Lovelady thrift store had a re-opening sale. Actually, they never closed, but did some redecorating and had a three day sale that began Thursday, July 2nd through July 4th.  Thursday and Friday's sale was 30% off everything in the store and Saturday was 50% off. Me and the girls met for lunch on Friday and began shopping. Since I was low on cash and was only searching for one particular item (a navy blue dress), I stated that we only go to Mission Possible which shared the same parking lot as the restaurant and Lovelady.

I walked in Mission Possible and I found the blue dress. It was Old Navy and was for $6.99. I also found a Cato "flip-flop" dress (I took the term from the EVINE home-shopping network) for $6.99 too. So with my 20% off purchase coupon my total was $11.18.

This was the perfect navy dress! The "flip-flop" dress is typically not my style, but I really like it and willing to step out the box.

When we got to Lovelady, I saw several pieces that I liked (including a computer mouse new in the box for $3.49), but knew that I could only spend so much. After spending four hours there - I emerged only spending $17.72 (including the mouse)...

The picture doesn't justify this green boucle' skirt. It had gold thread in it.

The two tanks will come in handy this season. The grey and black plaid jacket is Cato. I bought the pink linen pants to go with the the jacket.
While waiting for my friends as they checked-out, I found a 15-pack of blank CDs and paid an additional $2.21. So in total I spent $31.11 - that's great shopping!